Fire restrictions and no travel areas in

Fire restrictions and no travel areas in BWCA!
Today at 02:22:42 Quote | Modify | Removeposted some email notices I got from the Fire Director at the Forest Service on the about some fires in the BWCA (lightning strikes) and the current no travel areas as well as fire restrictions that will be in effect as of July 19th.

Too much to duplicate on this and other sites, but figured I'd let you know that the info was out there.

Sorry to, just don't have time to duplicate but thought as many people as possible should know.

No new permits being issued for some are
Don’t know about areas outside of Ely but…

If you don’t already have a permit for several of the areas around the fire areas, you won’t get a reservation for one until the fires are better contained.

The reason that has been given is that with the smoke and closings of the lakes like Pietro, Clearwater, Gull & Turtle, there are less campsites and people are camping further away. So to have less congestion & so there are enough sites for everyone, no permits are being issued unless they are already reserved

Brant Lake is totally closed, shows a big red " X ", so no permits at all, no one allowed to enter there even if they already have a permit reserved.

No new permits at this time for:

#30 Lake One

#31 Farm Lake

#32 So. Kawishiwi

#33 Gabbro

#75 Little Isabella River

#84 Snake River

And absolutely no camping on the little lakes north of Bald Eagle - Pietro, Clearwater, Turtle & Gull

Site link with current info