First aid kit, don't leave home without

Got bitten probably by a spider yesterday while paddling on a club trip. My right hand started to go numb up to my thumb nail, got scared. My paddling partner (waterspyder, hmmm) told the trip leader and she pulled out her first aid kit. She handed me what looked like one of those hand wipes that you get in a restraunt but it had a picture of a spider on it. I wiped it all over my hand and continued on our journey. App 1 1/2 hours later my hand felt better. I need to add stuff like that and benedryl to my first aid kit, especially for those longer paddling overnights. In hindsite we probably should have just paddled back to the cars and called it quits.

Paddler’s first-aid kit
Here’s an article on making your own paddling first-aid kit, and some ideas on using it:

In addition to topical creams, etc., a systemic antihistamine like Benadryl can often reduce the swelling and other allergic reactions to insect bites.

Good luck!


Dry Box

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No one likes wet bandages and tape or supplies.
My stuff is in a Pelican Box securely snapped shut.

If it's worth taking, keep it dry.
Sure you could skimp and buy cheaper product..but..

Spider bite kit

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I have no idea if it works or not but seemed interesting.

good info
Will recheck and refill my first aid kit. I did buy one at a local sporting good store and added my own stuff to it. I must remember to add things back to it after using it like Benedryl. I usually keep it in my backpack but now that it’s paddle season I have to keep it in my dry bag.

first aid kit
I always pack duct tape and toilet paper. Given thise two things you can make bandages and splints, tourniquets, tape sutures, etc. My go-to kit.