First aid kit... whats in yours??

Today I was thinking to get a more complete first aid kit to what I have now which is duct tape :slight_smile:

I was looking at the store bought ready kits… are they worth it? Would I be better of in the long run to put a kit like this together? I think it will cost waaaaay more to start but then to replace what needs replacing will be free.

What do you guys have in your kit? Was it buoght or put together?

thank you


I started with an AMK Weekender…
added a Sawyer Extractor, some antibiotics, vicodin (in case I had to paddle out of the backcountry with a dislocation or sprain), a small jar of Mentholated Rub (for leech removal)

That covers me.


first aid zone has good kits
The one I use is

and it’s got just about all you might need, I added more bandaids, a tube of antibiotic cream a small vial with advil, immodium and benadryl tablets and replaced the tweezers with better ones

most kits are good
Most off the shelf first aid kits are pretty good for starters…then you can add a few specialized items like Sawyer Venom extractor kit, Ibuprofen, immodium, benadryl etc.

The most commonly used item is a simple strip bandage. Guaze and cloth tape are also useful. Have something to take out splinters with like a scalpel blade or good tweezers or just a swiss army knife with those tools.

ist aid
the kits ive seen are pretty much garbage they seem suited only for injuries so minor they realy dont reqire 1st aid ,make your plenty of gauze & good tape, a finger splint , ice packs, betadine,an ace bandage,immodium ,asprin,dramamine,tweezers scissors, benedryl an exacto knife,

What’s in your first aid kit ?

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First Aid Kit
I made up my own and added Cipro ( good for UTIs, URIs, diverticulitis as well) strip thermometer, Kotex and bandana for clean pressure dressing with ace wrap. I also added Technu to prevent Poison Ivy after exposure. Gatoraide for heat exhaugestion, antispasmodics for back spasms and heat packs for spasms or hypothermia. Lomotil for diarrhea. Aspirin chewed is essential for any chest pain.Steri strips or butterflys for adhering wounds together.

don’t forget
irrigation syringe to clean a serious wound. tinture of benzoin to make for exceptional adhesion in a wet/dirty environment.

a few disposable sharps for debriding wounds, scrapes. athletic tape and a wack of different types of absorbent pads to control bleeding.

My 1st Aid-Kit;
Leather-strap, scalpel, needle and thread, and a bone-saw…

Whatever you put in your kit, be sure to check all adhesives (tape, band-aids, etc.) periodically. After a year or so, they (or at least mine) tend to deteriorate and lose their adhesiveness or become hopelessly stuck.


A bone saw?

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Sounds like you're ready for anything. Or did you just happen to read Aron Ralston's tale "Between a rock and a hard place"?

LMAO, that’s what I thought of too . . .

I just kick-it Old School…

As an EMT…
I had to purchase a trama kit that I carry with me everywhere I go… I purchased mine from Galls. However, that is a spendy way to go. But the kits are nice.

Most of the EMT’s I know, get their starter kits from ebay. Ive heard of some pretty good deals on complete kits. Once you get your basic kit, you can add to it from there.

I just would like to give this little bit of advice… Get a first aid/CPR card. Know what is in your bag… and know how to use it. Get familiar with what is in your bag, and where it is located if it is sectioned off in different pockets. Its amazing how things can get confusing when in an emergency. Timing can be everything… Know your kit. And then make sure you replace stuff in it when you take something out. Sounds obvious, but even the EMT’s forget to do this.