First Camping Trip of the Year – Upper Connecticut River

We got out for a couple of nights on the Upper Connecticut from Canaan, VT to Bloomfield, VT. The Connecticut is not known for its wilderness feel since it runs mostly through farmland and there are busy roads (Route 3 in NH and Route 102 in VT) on each side. Still the campsites are nice, and the river was at a perfect level with lots of quickwater and some easy class I rips – more than enough fun for loaded boats. Trip report is here:


y’all need to get some leaves on them trees! Like the variety of watercraft. You don’t discriminate, that’s good and you eat real good too! Seeing this and where you paddled reminds me of the Two Coots in a Canoe book. That story kinda stuck with me.

I loved that book - until the end when I learned what happened to Ramsay. I know a bunch of guys like him - we are all a bunch of cranky old paddlers.

We have leaves in RI, so the trees up there are still a couple of weeks behind us. Still snow on the ski slopes and on the tops of some of the mountains.

Canoes = comfort camping. Do the Kayakers pay extra?

No, but notice who carried the food. Both canoes had coolers, neither kayak did. They are good guys, so we were the transport vehicles for the kayakers. We did eat really well.

Nice looking trip.

Nice music and another most enjoyable video. Hope you were as relaxed doing the trip as I was watching the video.