First Canoe

Yesterday I bought my first canoe. The add stated it was a Grumman 17’, it was $150.00. Well I’ve wanted a canoe for a long time and since my Daughter and I stared fishing local lakes we thought it would be nice to have a boat of some sort to fish from. Okay, back to the Canoe. It turned out to be a 15" Grumman. the oval plate has the SN# 12527-G-5-15. There is a somewhat faded sticker inside the canoe that states- 4 person 565lbs?. Could anyone give me a idea when about it was made, what the original decal would have looked like, (I want to clean it up and put original decals on it), and, did I make a mistake getting a 15’ instead of the 17’. Thanks in advance.

You are almost certainly better off with a 15 given your planned use. A 15 should have plenty of capacity for you plus your daughter for fishing on local lakes plus it will be easier to transport a 15 to and from the water than a 17.

Not sure how to decode your serial number but hopefully someone else knows. If not you could contact Marathon and ask them (I think Grumman was bought by Marathon).