First fish from my new kayak

My wife and I took our new Old Town Cayugas to Lake Sutherland, near San Diego. I am setting mine up for fishing and wanted to try it out, but didn’t expect much action. There were a few boils and I saw a few little bait fish so I rigged my 4 1/2 foot ultralight with 2 lb. line and trolled a little 1/8oz. grubtail leadhead. Figured I might get a little panfish or something. After a half hour of really awesome paddling on a perfect day (who really cares about the fish?) my reel started screaming at me and I was in for a heck of a ride! I figured it was a carp or something as I was in open water but suddenly a HUGE bass broke the surface and I literally went cold. Took a good 15 minutes to get him in the boat but I finally did. He was at least five pounds, maybe closer to six. I could have stuck my whole hand in his mouth. The tiny hook came out easily and I gave him back to the lake. I had my camera along but stupidly forgot the data card, but came away with something that might be even cooler than a picture: the track from my GPS, showing where he pulled me with that two pound line.

we paddled a few times over the same course and then around in the lake for another three hours. It was an amazing day and I can’t wait to get back out, fish or no fish.

Nice sleigh ride.
How’s the kayak for fishing?

The experience was a real keeper!
Glad you enjoyed it, and you can work as a team.

Nowadays, teamwork is a real art.

Happy paddling!

Just my first time but…
…it was great. I have it set up with a Scotty flush mount just in front and right of the cockpit so the line goes over my head. It’s perfect for trolling. The boat never will be a dedicated fishing machine, it’s more for day trips and playing around in the bay, but what the heck, why not drag a lure? You never know what will happen.

Was this your fish?

If so, I’d love to see the GPS track which showed how it got from Columbia County, NY in July to California. Of course, it took Southwest at the Albany airport.

This too towed my Dirigo 120 kayak a bit. Too bad we can’t put the GPS on the fish.