WOOOO HOOOOOO !!! , got my first fish yesterday in my new yak ! 3 carp ( 5,6, and 8 lbs ) and 3 channel cats !!! The big carp actually pulled my kayak !!! I’ll never go back to using a regular boat to fish again !


Ain’t it grand?

My first big kayak fish
I remember when i caught my first big kayak fish and it towed me around the lake. It was a blast. I knew i was hooked at that point. Sold the motorboat. Now have 3 yaks and one canoe. Enjoy!

Big fun, isn’t it. Welcome to the addiction!

biger the better
Try having a 42 inch pike pull a canoe for 15 minutes. It was only my brothers 2nd pike of his life and I just told him to hang on.

wait till…
…you catch your first fish at night. You will never fish daylight again…

Have fun and be safe!!!


Congratulations! I caught a 10 oz. bream (I guess that’s a sunfish to the rest of the world) two weeks ago on an ultralight spinning rig on the Tickfaw River-it still elicited a “Yahooo!”.