First impressions of a few new items...


Took delivery of my T-165 this past Thursday. Used boat that looked as if it had never been paddled! Spent a few hours on Friday making mods and getting the outfitting set up. Fit is now spot on.

Spent an hour on the river Saturday and another couple hours on a reservoir on Sunday. Temps in the low 30s with 25 mph winds. More ice than water. Much different than my Seayak. The Tempest is not affected by the wind nearly as much, especially with my paddling weight on board. Too early for a proper review, but I’m likin’ this boat! Still much to learn.

I recently upgraded from a non-breathable suit to a Kokatat Dura. Very nice. A couple of trim sessions got the gaskets just right. I was so thrilled with the relief zipper that I drank an extra cup of coffee so I would be obligated to try it out! It was very nice to be able to wade chest deep in the river and sledge hammer a channel in the ice for a put-in. The suit performed flawlessly.

Needed a new skirt for the Tempest and decided to try one of the Wildwasser neo-nylon pocket skirts. Outstanding piece of equipment. I’ve always adored the Snapdragon Sea Tour skirts, but I like this one even better. The tunnel is a bit shorter and is tapered. More neo than nylon. Goes on quite easily but is more secure than the Snapdragon. The deck pocket is great. A nice touch is the bright orange grab loop. It’s also reinforced with a heavy section of transparent tubing. High visibility, easy to grab, easy to hang on to. Overall workmanship is well above average.

Tried a new pair of NRS Boundary shoes. They are a slightly heavier version of the Chota Lites that I liked so much. The Chotas didn’t fit my calves as well and they just weren’t heavy enough for the rocky conditions I paddle in. The NRS boots are 2mm heavier neo top and bottom. The arch strap is a nice addition, as well. I had no problem swimming in them and the water taken in was not a dangerous amount. Those Kokatat GoreTex booties are great as this was ice water I was in!

I’ll post proper reviews after I have enough time with these items under a variety of conditions.

Pleasant waters to all.


Great reviews…
Many thanks Holmes…really helpful to hear about new purchases.



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