First kayak advice

Hi! I’ve been paddling rentals for a couple years now in the Lake Washington and San Juan areas of Washington State. I love the sport and I’m looking to invest in my first kayak.

I love to go fast in a straight line and my home offers plenty of flat lake water for exercise paddling. There’s a good deal in my area for a used Soltice GTS and I’m tempted!

On the other hand I also recently had a good time in a Sirocco learning edging in tight quarters. Not a strength of the Solstice.

As a new paddler, should I go all in on the fast boat or would it be wiser to get something more general purpose like a plastic Tempest 170 from REI?

you have to answer that
Which boat meets 90% of your paddling needs? If there is one that does, then buy it and either use it when it is sub-optimal or rent one that meets that other 10% need.

All 3 boats you list are decent boats.

That Soltice is sweeet!! I like river running and running shoals. I’d beat the crap out of that thing. But man I’d like to see how fast I could make the Soltice go. If speed and distance is your thing then hey. Let me borrow it something’s :smiley: