first kayak for fishing and hunting

I have very limited experience in kayaks but have tried to do my homework. I “think” I have narrowed my choices to either a hurricane santee sport, or an Oldtown predator. If anyone has exp. with either of these boats or other choices please lend me your expertise. I am looking for a boat to duck hunt from in slow but rocky rivers. Weight is a consideration as launching points are few and far between. Stability is also a major factor. Are the above mentioned boats reasonable choices and if nt what? Thanks in advance. MW

Which Predator are you looking at?

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The K140 is the same as the Old Town Twin Otter, a tandem sit inside. It has loads of room But, its not light. Good stability. it will carry a dog and decoys. The K111 used to be known as the Loon 111. It too has a large cockpit, but not as roomy as the 140. It too is stable, but doesn't have enough room for both a dog and decoys. Well, maybe a small to medium dog and two or three decoys, but it would be tight. Not sure I'd want to fire a shotgun from one, though it has good stability.

Both will track true and are pleasant enough to paddle. The nice thing about them is the seat will slide back and least on the 140, to adjust for the load you carry. Either is a worthwhile investment.

I've not paddled any of the Santee models. If buying for hunting, as well as fishing, I'd suggest looking at the Santee tandem 140. Lots of room and fairly light for a tandem kayak. There are so many models of the Santee that, like the Predator, you need to be a bit more specific about which you are looking at. The nice thing about the Predator is you wouldn't have to paint it with camouflage paint. Don't think I could do that to a finish as nice as the one on Hurricane Kayaks.