First Kayak for Ontario

Hello All, We live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and looking for our first kayak. Living in the city, we do not have space for a hardshell. Any recommendations for inflatables? We would be floating down the Grand River, Notty, Saugeen, Humber Rivers.

Thank you all.

Inflatables are not your only option. I have been using folding kayaks for over 20 years (including on the Rideau Canal and lakes and rivers around Frontenac) . Several makers are no longer in business but PakBoat, which has a dealer in New Hampshire and can ship the boats in their duffel bags via mail, makes several models of skin on frame kayaks ranging from 12’ to 16’ including some that can be converted from solo to tandem and from open to closed deck craft. Very reasonably priced and half the weight of hard shell kayaks of the same size. Frames are shockcorded aluminum tubing (just like tent frames) with a rubberized nylon/PVC/dacron skin.

They may have a dealer in Ontario (there was one at one time in Toronto, )