first kayak purchase... how did i do ?

-- Last Updated: Jul-11-11 7:56 PM EST --

found on my local CL. seems to be in reasonably good condition... obviously used... but not abused as far as i can tell.

it came with a life jacket, paddle, pump, dry bag, and a few other accessories.

as you can see, my daughter likes it

looks like a kayak
…and sounds like a decent deal!

All it needs now is …
a life jacket and a spray skirt. :slight_smile:

It came with the former…
… only needs the latter so seems like an excellent deal… other than I bet the PFD sucks mightily.

And we all hate nasty PFD’s :slight_smile:

the PFD is a Stohlquist… it appears to be adequate

the Carolina is a beginner-friendly to intermediate boat, you’ll enjoy it for a long time to come. Good deal!

"the PFD is a Stohlquist… it appears to be adequate"

You did good!..