First kayak...Seat help...

I just bought my first real kayak last night. I picked up an Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 from Acadamy for a decent price to get my feet wet so to say.

One thing I noticed was the seat was horrible compared to some of the others I looked at. Is there any other seats that will fit without doing any extensive work.

Also, I want to use it for lake and river fishing mainly. What all are some must haves to get it set up properly.

Thank in advance!

Ocean kayak website
If you check the Ocean Kayak website, you’ll see that they have a variety of replacement seats available. Or just google “sit on top seats” for more choices. You may be able to find what you’re looking for locally or on line from another retailer. There’s nothing difficult about changing seats - just up clip the old one and install the new.

Can’t help you with setting it up for fishing though. Maybe check the kayak fishing forum?

What’s horrible about it?
Have you tried it on the water?

You should sit upright and not depend on the seat as total back support.

Unless you are stopped and fishing the seat is only a bother.

I wasn’t sure if all their seats were interchangeable between models or not.

What I didn’t like is that it is super thin, but what really bothered me is it doesn’t stay put and slides around.

A cvouple of suggestions:
On the sliding around: get some sticky Velcro.

Put a piece or two on the hull under the seat, and the matching piece(s) under the seat.

On the “thinness” get some waffle foam and cut a piece the size of your seat and put it there.

If it is still uncomfortable cut a second piece the same size and cut a hole where each of your cheeks will go. Then glue, (contact cement) that on top of the first piece.

You can get the waffle foam at most outfitters.

We use it on the tractor style seats of our canoes

Jack L