First Kayak

I’m really having a hard time finding a kayak that matches my needs.

I’m 6’2, 240 pounds. I’m not interested in lakes, but would like something that can handle up to class 3 rivers while being stable and easy to handle. I’m a beginner. I found class 1 to be a bit boring and would like to get into a little faster water, class 2’s and possible 3’s. I’m not interested in 4 or above. It also needs to be relatively inexpensive, less than 500 bucks.

Do they make one anywhere near this description?? Thanks,


Judging by your price range
you are looking at used. Newer ones that come to mind include: Wavesport Diesel, Dagger Mamba, Jackson Hero, Liquid logic should have something also which are all probably above that price… Don’t know for sure. These are all ww boats for larger water and sized paddlers. For older ones check out Wavesport Z and Score.

Look here.

If you find something that interests you, go to gearswap on to find used ones. If there are several, bring the list back here for more advice than you probably want.

You might have trouble…
…finding one for your size.

The Prijon Chopper is worth a demo.