First Kayak

I am just looking to purchase my first kayak. I have spent some time in kayaks before but have never had my own. I have a cottage on a medium size lake, so I am assuming that is where I will be spending most of my time. any suggestions for type/model?

How much are you willing to spend and how big is the lake?

Look for boats
That are 12-14 feet long, 24-26 inch beam, rotomolded plastic, from manufacturers like Wilderness Systems, Old Town, Perception, and Heritage. Good first lake boat specs.

Best bet for you
is to go to several outfitting stores that sell them, (not the the discount stores), but ones that have several different makes and models, and see if you can demo some.

There should be some near where you live in Toronto.

Do it now before the cold weather sets in.

After you have tried as many as you can, then come back and ask for opinions on the ones you have tried and you will get some good feedback from people here on P-net that have ones similar.



Check out used
this board, craigslist, ebay… Now is a good time to pick up boats. As long as they have been stored out of the sun, rotomolded boats have a very long life.