First kayak

Okay, so I already need kayakers anonymous! This sport is addictive. I’m a newbie, and recently purchased a used Wavesport, but now I’m thinking I made the wrong decision without researching that specific kayak more. I live in Alabama, and am very eager to try out some whitewater. I’ve only been on very calm waters so far, and am already bored-not to mention the frustration of trying to be the quiet, calm, relaxed paddler out there. It’s not possible for me with that kayak, at least until I take some lessons on techniques. I realize now that it’s more of a WW/playboat. Since I’ll be doing both flatwater and WW, would I be better off selling it and purchasing a Dagger or Liquid Logic? Just curious on your thoughts of the older Wavesports. I like the size though, since I’m 5’ 110 lbs. Sorry for the ramble. Thanks!

Sounds like lessons first
It is hard to decipher from your post whether you want a more playful WW boat or a more apt flatwater boat. I would suggest lessons in what most interests you to start, spend time in someone else’s boat before you go out and buy another without being sure of what you need.

Are you near any decent WW outfitters that do lessons?

Brand versus model
Wavesport, Dagger, and Liquid Logic are all brands, and each has many different models covering most any use someone would want to do.

If you are paddling flat water and want a quiet experience, Id look at getting a day touring type boat rather than a white water or cross over.

I’ll second the suggestion for lessons. It is money up front, but it can save you money in the long run.