first overnighter with 5 and 7 yr olds

I am finally getting my kids along on an overnight canoe camping trip with my wife and I. we are going to paddle the flambeau river from nine mile creek to the Oxbo resort. It is a short stretch but has a lot of campsites. Any last minute words of wisdom?

Have a wonderful time!

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With young childern on board, IMO set modest goals and enjoy the kids' sense of discovery.

My young 13 year old water baby niece has given me an entirely new perspective on messing around in boats.

And please don't forget the trip report - with lots of pictures of course.



A few tips…
It’s not a race or a marathon…

Stop & take breaks at interesting spots so they can stretch, play in the water, check out interesting things on shore, have a snack etc.

“No” electronic games.

Wide brimmed hats if you have them; some sun screen if you don’t.

Keep em well hydrated.

Pfds on any time they’re in the canoe.

Let them do some of the paddling, but remember they aren’t pros & it shouldn’t turn into a canoeing class.

Make sure they get involved in some of the camp chores, cooking, and cleanup.

They aren’t on a guided tour; it’s ok to learn something.

Limited use of flashlights. Amazing how many stars you can see without a lot of light. Amazing how much better you hear too.

Key words: Fun, learning experience.


you are a brave man
& a living reason why we have a day for Fathers '-)

My advice would be to let them collect souvenirs like

pine cones, stones, etc. There are cool kits for making plaster casts of animal tracks.

Something tangible to help them remember this trip.

have fun!
Good times canoeing with my dad when I was young are what got me into this.

Just remember the things you liked to do when you went canoeing as a youngster.

It was exploring around every little bit of shoreline, fishing lazily in the sun, stopping on sandbars to play, picnics, etc.

just keep it fun, laid back.

Have a good ghost story ready
for when you are sitting around the camp fire toasting marshmellows.

And make sure you point out to them as you are paddling down the river: “how good God is to give us all this beauty”

Jack L

I hope you have as much fun as
they will. My girls still look forward to camping with us even at the advanced ages of 13 and 16. Might just end up to be one of the few things we did right!

All the above
I took my boys out on many trips. Definitively no electronic stuff. We did bring card games at times, story books, a cheep camera for them to take their own pictures. You are starting them out at the right age. I was a bit late with mine (10&11). My yougest one still paddles and will paddle with me this weekend. We did many trip toghether as a familly and have unforgetable memories.

trip reports
Your reports were fantastic. I have two boys as well and can only hope to have such great adventures. I just recently bought a Rx boat for a little whitewater and I am looking forward to getting some experience in that area. If you ever need a paddling partner in Wi let me know. Mr green