First Paddle, first dunking

Beautiful day, mild breeze, 70 deg. Had a great little paddle in my new to me boat. Got back to the ramp and fell in.
But what about my dry suit? Well, it was dry until it wasn’t. My double layers of nylon kept me warm even when soaked.

Probably the most common spot for a dunking… The most embarrassing too often with an audience.
Dry suit Fail?

Jim I call those the traditional way to exit. It sounds like you may have found a good boat match for you. I hoped the wenonah advantage I sold you would work out, but Rusty sure liked it on our 49 mile overnight on the Congaree River this weekend. I would have kept that canoe, but it wasn’t being paddled enough and I needed the money for the sailboat. It sure is sweet to paddle.
kayamedic, he wasn’t wearing a dry suit. That was a tongue in cheek comment about his cloths.

Doug is correct; no dry suit. I don’t paddle in cold weather often but I always have a back up set of dry synthetics like today. Two layers of nylon are very effective even when wet.

Happens to me, but usually I have an audience.

Did the audience politely applause?

Falling in at the take-out is generally preferable to falling in at the put-in, I have found.

Looks like I’m in good company. Pulled my kayak off the beach into the water and as I’m getting in, fall over sideways like one of those fainting goats.

Worst part was that I had earlier mentioned the squat and balance exercises I’d been doing.

Fainting goats! LOL! I wasn’t that graceful.
I had both legs out on one side( SOT) and a small wave bumped me from the other side so I put my hand on the bottom and then…
My error was dismounting in very shallow water.
There was one benefit, sort of. I had positive confirmation that my aging Chota Mukluks don’t leak. I dumped a gallon out of each.

Gift of the situation: You had 70F degrees air temp there(if it were the same here in the Northeast, I probably wouldn’t even bother with the dry suit, no matter how cold the water.)

– We had like 25F degrees on the same day you had 70–And I for one, no longer go out when the temps are below 32/ freezing. B)

A good policy. Neither do I. It looks like we will have our version of winter this week.