First Paddle of '24, Little River, SC

Little River flows into Lake Keowee . We put in at Stamp Creek Landing on the lake. The development of mega homes is astonishing. I promised myself I will never paddle it in warm weather because it will be insane.
BUT today we saw 3 power boats and two were fishing, but one had a skier with no wet suit. Brrrr!
Eventually the river became too shallow for power craft and the houses stopped. Sun, a little wind ,redbuds and dogwoods blooming .
We paddled until a shoal stopped us.
Seven mile round trip and 2 of us were whipped. Not bad for a couple of 75 yo who hadn’t paddled since last November. Our young guide was ready for more but she’s a serious paddler.


good for you, lots of smiles in the pictures!

Lisa sent texted me photos the other day. Good to see you back on the water.

Good to be there.

Nice pictures and writeup! I live in Little River but haven’t paddled that end as I live near the beach/Inland Waterway.


We’re about 300 miles apart.