first paddle

I got a chance this weekend to paddle my new Malibu x factor. It was a beautiful day and the paddle was great. Talk about a stable boat! I am 6’5, 400#'s and i never once felt tippy. I had a little trouble keeping up with my buddy in his pamlico 140, but it was still fun. He is only 230# so he doesn’t create as much drag.

It was cool being able to explore the coves around Hoover Reservoir, paddled among the trees in the flooded parts, saw a bunch of turtles and some fish jumping out of the water. All in all, it was a great first paddle in my new yak. I can’t wait to start paddling and camping.

it gets easier
At this point you are still struggling with paddle technique and dont even know it. As you get batter at paddling everything will get easier. A begginer wastes most of the energy in every stroke and gets little forward momentum. It takes about two years to become realy good at paddling. Thats just one of the reasons the Hobies are so popular. It takes about two minutes to master the foot drive.

You need to push with the upper hand and not pull on the bottom hand. Its very similiar to punching a heavy bag that is right in front of you. The fist should end up right in front of you dead center with your shoulder slightly roled into the punch. As you pull that fist away the other fist should end up in the same spot. The blade never moves backwards in the water. The kayak slides past the stationary blade in the water. Hold the paddle shaft close to vertical to go straight. And bring it closer to horizontal (but not completelt horizontal) to turn.