First project

I just picked up my first project. 16 footish fiberglass canoe. An old Lincoln from either the sixties or early seventies. Lincoln doesn’t know exactly when. It is all there and I have already ordered new seats. Couple of patches and some gel coat, a little painting and sanding and she should be ready for another few years.

Don’t know what possesed me to buy this old tub so I am looking for a recommendation for a good mental health professional or 12 step program.


You’re Not Even Close To "Critical"

Heck, I don’t think I am critical stage yet. That’s why others have said I have a problem. But what the heck do they know… :wink:


Only worried because
I figured that this would be an easy and cost effective way to get involved with canoes for some photography and light overnights. Most people would actually buy something that floats to start off with.


Naw, DIY Projects Are Great!
of my fleet, I just have one waveski I bought brand new and received just last month. Everything else is used and required modifications or repairs to make it work for me. It’s great way to learn about paddling crafts.


PS. Didn’t even list in my fleet a canoe sitting at camp in ME, another waveski and a Wold surf boat. Yikes!

Must rationalize.

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If you collect enough boats then you can tell everyone that you are a part time boat dealer and hide the truth from everyone except close family members. My neighbor next door saw the canoe come home and asked me this morning if it was stolen. I told him I put it in the basement (no hatchway, through the house it went) so I could work on it. He walked away shaking his head. I should have told him I was building a theme room.