First serious kayak

My Castines are the original versions with the three layer poly and two bulkheads with hatches and weighed 56 lbs.

I haven’t paddled them in probably 15 years or more, since I got lighter kayaks that fit better.

They’re not too good in shallow water, but do pretty well in deeper water and I don’t recall issues with directional stability in the wind, but it’s been a long time since I paddled them and I don’t live anywhere near an ocean or large lake.

I’m 5’6 and 160 lbs.

Thank you I appreciate the comments

I own a Sitka Lt . I’m the same height and approximate weight. I’ve been kayaking for 20+ years and have owned many kayaks through the years including a couple of high end British made boats from Tiderace. Sitka is a nice stable boat that is lightweight so getting it on and off car as well as carrying is fairly easy. Boat is very maneuverable and reacts well to paddle strokes. For only a 14.5 ’ kayak it tracks very well and keeps up a decent pace . I purchased two of them through REI .


Thank you for the info. It is appreciated.

Hi - if you’re in RI, you might give us a call at Newbury Kayak and Canoe - we’re a small specialty paddle shop a bit closer to you. We carry Eddyline, but not Old Town.

We have a Sitka LT in our demo fleet, so if you want to come up, we can put you in the water (we’re on the Parker River) so you can get a feel for the boat. We don’t have any in stock, but have several on order (everything pretty much sold out this season).

Have you looked at the Wilderness Tsunami 140/145? It’s in the same class as the Castine. I haven’t paddled the Castine, so others should comment on the comparison between the two.

Give us a call if you want to chat. Number’s on the web site.

Thank you I will come up to check it out. Do you carry Dagger? I have had some advice to check out the Stratos 14.5L. Thanks again I will stop up in the next two Saturdays.

No - sorry, not Dagger. Give us a call before you head up so we can block out a time slot for you - we’re operating by appointment under COVID.

Look forward to seeing you - and feel free to call just to chat about the boats.

Awesome thank you I will call for the appointment.

Oh, one correction - on Dagger - we don’t normally stock Dagger, but we can order them in on request. We’re a Confluence Outdoor dealer , as well as Eddyline and other brands.

Confluence is the parent company for a number of brands, including Perception, Wilderness, Dagger, Mad River, Harmony and Boardworks. We tend to stock Perception and Wilderness but have ordered Dagger when asked.

Great thanks for that information

The Eddyline is soo worth it. I just own the Rio and it acts like a touring kayak. It’s really fast so I can’t imagine how awesome a Sitka would be. You won’t be dissapointed with a Eddyline. They are incredible, I’m so glad I chose one.

My wife and I enjoy our Eddyline’s immensly. The transition from the very good, rotomold Wilderness System kayaks was breath-taking. They’re beautiful, comparatively light and maneuverable, and track very well. I have an Equinox (14’, no skeg) and she has the Skylark (12’). The Equinox would be less money than the Sitka, and I love mine, but if you’re coastal, that skeg might be worth paying for. The Eddyline are worth the money, if you choose to spend it, but the Dagger will be less.


Thank you very much for the feed back. I am pretty close to a decision after sitting in quite a few boats. Now of these choices will be available till the Spring. I am between the Equinox/Sitka L or Dagger Stratos 14.5 L. Both of these have pluses and minuses so I have to weigh them carefully.
Thanks for weighing in. It helps getting other folks perspectives

Not in till spring? Try a Stellar S14 at 36lbs or a P&H Virgo MV by appointment anytime at The River Connection, Hyde Park, NY

I just happen to be familiar with the Test Paddle Program there. :grin:

See you on the water,
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The River Connection, Inc.
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Looks like that Sitka LT on CL is still available. They might be willing to deal now… But I know some folks like new boats, and new boats need love, too. :wink: