First serious kayak

Looking for first tourer/ocean (Coastal) kayak. I have knocked it down to the Sitka and Castine 140/145. Not sure the Eddyline is worth almost 1/3 more money any thoughts?

I believe the Eddyline boat weighs less? Worth the money when you start moving them around a lot.

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What size are you?
Stika is narrower with a smaller CP… More desirable for offshore…

The Sitka is a pretty fast kayak according to the sound paddlers kayak evaluation list. I think it has a 9.7 ranking which is pretty good. Couldn’t find the castine on the list.

5’11". 215 lbs - either sitka LT or XT - would rather try the LT

Didn’t realize that. Good info to know!

Welcome. What part of the world are you planning on paddling in?

The Castine is wider, heavier, has a substantially bigger cockpit and does not come standard with a skeg/rudder (rudder optional + $200). Overall, it seams closer to a big recreational kayak versus a touring kayak. If the Sitka is a comfortable fit for you, I think it’s worth the extra cost if you plan to do coastal ocean paddling.

A 14.5 ft kayak can is the lower limit of being considered a big or open water kayak. Does Castine have a skeg? If not, then you need to add a rudder (ps - I prefer a skeg).

Have you considered the Dagger Stratos? Really super kayaks and in the same size and cost range as the two you are considering. I bought a Stratos a year ago after paddling one while rock gardening - a super, shorter Coastal (open water) kayak.

Just in case you live near Vermont…

If it was me… I’d do what kayakhank suggested. The Dagger Stratos. This is just based on my experience with the Dagger Alchemy at the same length. I’ve heard the 14 foot Daggers referred to as “the Swiss Army Knife of kayaks” and that’s been my experience.

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Thank you. I will contact them to see where in Vermont they are located. Can be close to sx hours for Northern Vermont but a couple of hours to southern Vermont. Thanks

Appreciate the suggestion. I will start looking in earnest shortly. I want it for the start of Spring.

That’s the Dagger Sitka not the Eddyline’s Sitka if I looked at the same list. The Eddyline Sitka isn’t on the list either.

Don’t know where you are, but I did see a few Eddyline Sitka’s the day they were delivered to Maine Sport in Rockport. Was there in July. If that is within rational driving range, or maybe worth an overnight if you are not from a quarantine state. Of course call first to see how many are left.

They have a small pond right by the store so you can sit in a boat on the water.

Looks like it’s near Whiteface in the Adirondacks. Nice time of year for an Adirondacks road trip. Not that I’m enabling or anything. :wink:

Thanks Celia for the information. It’s close to a four hour ride from me but very doable. Unfortunately maine does not want Rhode Islanders in state without a recent test. This may have to wait till spring or our numbers get better Thanks again

Oh well, it was worth a shot. If you will be waiting for spring, assuming that will ease up your travel, keep Maine Sport in mind. They are a serious Eddyline dealer and that little pond right by the store is big enough to find out if you are going to get stuck in a boat. They also run trips in a more normal time, it’ll cost you a bit but they will get you on the ocean somewhere for a nice little exposure to Maine’s water.

The other places that will likely get you into boats at or near their site, though different makers, is Lincoln Kayaks further south and Maine Island Kayak on Peak’s Island. Assuming they survive into this coming season. Both are a closer drive for you.

I really do appreciate the advice and the suggestions on dealers. Unfortunately we are living in some strange times with Covid and the political climate. If I get lucky they will open the borders and I can get up there. Might not be an issue with just a day visit. I will have to check and see. But I do appreciate the time and thought behind your comments Thank you. Tim

Having been in Maine twice now to stay between late June and Labor Day, it is not an issue for just doing a day trip. As long as whoever you are visiting is OK with it, and that should always be a phone call to check out of courtesy.

It IS an issue with staying overnight, lodging owners are mostly abiding by the rules. With the recent hot spots developing in the counties bordering NH, they are likely to be more rather than less careful right now.