First signs of Fall

Couple days ago I was paddling on the St Joseph river and noticed a smattering of leaves on the water. Then yesterday on the Paw Paw I saw this.

Was surprised yesterday to hear and see a small gaggle of geese heading south. Too early.

A lot of trees in southern New England have been stressed by our ongoing drought. Leaves have browned and fallen off. There is no indication of fall color. Just dulling and browning of what should still be green leaves… :frowning_face:


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I have had maples going red (brown as well) for a couple of weeks now. Crazy hot. No rain. Very dry

:scream::flushed::flushed: last summer in my 60’s

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In the western mountains fall comes early. Some mornings now are already below freezing. In Wyoming the aspens start to turn by around August 20. The elk rut starts in another month. The days are shorter. The light is at a lower angle. In Nevada it is the best time of year.