first SIT kayak

Howdy, I am looking to buy my first SIT kayak. I have been fishing out of a Tarpon 14 for several years, but I am now paddling more than fishing. So I am now looking for a kayak to grow into.

Have paddled Impex assateague, CD nighthawk 17.5 and fathom. Tried a zone SOT but way to tippy and for the money, would prefer SIT.

Will be test paddling a WS zephyr this Saturday. I am 5’10", 230 pounds, size 12 or 13 shoe depending on the shoe. Have taken basic paddling class and been on several 8 tp 10 mile round trip paddles.

Also need help with footwear. I am diabetic so my feet need good protection. I live in Florida and we have lots of oyster bars. The cheapo Wal mart paddling type shoe has my feet numb in about 30 minutes. My normal shoe used for the Tarpon will ussually not fit well inside the SIT kayaks. Dive boots were recommended but the local dive shops have only one or two to pick from. Thanks in advance, John

nrs kickers are great!

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i love my nrs kickers, have held well on rocky terrain (sharp pointy rocks) for 3 years now, still going strong....

my nrs workboots have been doing well also, keep my feet warm and have good ankle support...

i'm also fond of my nrs atb boots - they have been working out pretty good, i have oversized ones to fit my drysuit booties into during the winter...


neither of the boots will probably work in a low volume kayak, but the kickers should....

Ditto for kickers …
I have used for years, great on reefs and volcanic rock when traveling so I know they are tough. Have taken direct sting ray hit and no damage (to me anyway).

one diabetic to the other
Since you are diabetic you need a “river boat” a good draining boot check the NRS web site they have several highly protective foot wear styles that will suit your needs.

Tsunami or a Manitou
Something in that 14 to 16 foot range would probably be good.

Kickers are nice.


Neoprene wader boots
work well too. You can normally pick them up at Wal Mart or Academy for about $25. They have a good non slip sole, thats normally a little thicker than a paddle shoe and they fit a little less snugly, so they do not put your feet to sleep.

Yeah, a good day touring / crossover kayak like a tsunami or manitou would be the best blend of comfort, storage, and stability for fishing, while being able to cover distance almost as well as a true sea kayak.

I don’t have kickers, but have been using the NRS paddle shoe for some time now. I replaced my thin soled neoprene water shoes and wet suit booties because walking on rough surfaces really hurt. The paddle show has really really thick grippy soles and is a welcome change.!

And would it be important to provide
for shifting the feet easily so that each foot is not resting on the same spot on the heel? Padding can do only so much. I have one kayak with a bulkhead where my feet can be either up, on my heels, or splayed sideways resting on the sides of my feet.