'first step in canoe building


First step in canoe building is getting all of my wifes stuff out of the garage. (She has a whole bedroom set up as a quilting room, so why does she need the garage too? ) So I put it all on the back patio under tarps and started sweeping. Plugged in the spare reefer for properly cooled hydration and I am ready for boat building. I haven’t seen the garage this straight since '96. I am looking forward to seeing how long it stay s empty.

Does she know no bounds?
Garage=Man Cave. I thought it was universally understood.

Same problem with my boat barn
"the Bride" has all her boats in there with mine.


I feel your pain, BP
I think we may have finally reached an understanding…maybe…

I have barely maintained control of
the garage over the years.

What canoe are you building?

a passage solo with plans from the Northwest canoe shoppe. We are adding an extra station in the middle. Our plan is to put in an extra two seats so little people can use it as a tandem, and RedCrossRandy can use it as an Edisto Tripper. Once I see how Randy’s Canoe handles Lake Norman I will build mine either with or with out the extra station Depending on how it runs with my svelte 182 pounds in it. I am really excited building a canoe with "Differential Rocker.

If I was starting to build another boat in my garage the first thing I’d do is add more lights. It’s hard enough to get a good finish without the aggravation of bad lighting.

No doubt
more light is always wonderful. Since I am building in the summer I have the windows and I plan on opening the garage door. I intend on taking down some of the fleet from the slings so I should better lighting.

Drat foiled again

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I was putting up the stations and needed to round over the stems. Where is my router? My first borne had "borrowed it" and hadn't returned it. Guess I will have sneak over to his place and do a "grab and run" to reclaim some of my proloined tools..

water seeks its own level
Give 'em some space and they’ll fill it in no time. Have you ever seen our kitchen countertop? Your timing must be exactly right or you’ll miss it. Within minutes of cleaning it off, it’s attracting crap again like a black hole!