First time buying a kayak

I am 6’tall and weigh 260. I am seeking a kayak that is comfortable, best suits my size, and still tracks well. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Whats your budget plus do you want plastic or composite of some type. What kind of water will you paddle in. Like lakes, rivers, moving water like white water or just slow moving water calm river?

I’m a big guy too

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and I have an Eddyline Denali and I love it. I'm 6'2, 250lbs and it fits me well. The footpegs can be extended well beyond the reach of my legs. My inseam is 34".
I can sit in the cockpit "butt first" and then easily get both legs in without hitting my shins on the front of the cockpit. The fore deck has plenty of room for me to move my legs around, yet with a quick bend of my knees, I'm instantly connected very well to the boat with the thigh braces. It's 15'3" long and weighs 50lbs. The bonus is it's a beautiful boat too.
I was not able demo a Denali before I purchased it, so I just went by reading alot of reviews. I was not able to find a used one on Craigs List or Ebay either. If you live near an REI, they have all watercraft on sale for 15% off through May 30 and delivery to the store is free. If you buy from them you have an entire year to return it for a full refund. No, I do not work for REI (and never have), but man their customer service is unmatched.

kayak for big guys
Have you checked into the Perception Tribe 9.5 SOT? I think sit on tops in general are better for bigger guys but just because it’s a SOT doesn’t mean it will suit larger humans. Some have actually very cramped seats.

The Tribe is spacious and has a weight capacity of up to 300lbs, which is more than some of its counterparts. There’s an 11 foot one as well but actually even big and tall users enjoyed the 9.5, which is good if the thought of storing and transporting an 11 foot kayak gives you the chills.

Does well in flat, class I/II rapids, small surf. Great overall little kayak.

Try this for flat water
If you are sticking to strictly flat water and are on somewhat of a budget take a look at the Wilderness Systems Pungo 140. I’m 6’4" and about 270 and I fit in the Pungo pretty well. It is nice and stable and tracks well. Also the seat is amazingly comfortable once you get it adjusted to your liking.

Dagger Axis 12
I suggested the Dagger Axis 12 to a husky friend several years ago and he loves it for photography (stable enough for that) and paddling small rivers, lakes and streams, even class 1 and 2 mild whitewater. It’s considered a “hybrid” and has a drop down skeg to help it track in flatwater and windy conditions.

Flat water and beyond
12’ long - Venture Islay 12

16’ long - Venture Jura HV

Those would be the two I’d grab to put you in if you stopped by to do a test paddle.

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