First time canoe buyer

I’m looking to buy my first canoe. I don’t have any huge aspirations but I’m liking for something that can handle two adults and two medium sized dogs. We want to start off doing some minor adventuring and mainly do some casual day trips to local lakes and slow moving rivers.

I’ve found some people selling some on Craigslist and was looking for some advice. I’ve found two examples that seem in good condition and seem reasonably priced. They are both Old Town 17ft Chipewyan models. My girlfriend fell in love with the fact that they are yellow. They are in the $500 range. One has a blemish and is closer and cheaper. The other is farther away but seems immaculate and is slightly more expensive. If anyone is able to weigh in on these and provide some guidance about whether or not these would be good for my family I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you! The links to the ads are below.

One looks like it may have been wrapped but, if so, the gunwales look like they have been replaced. Either will be fine for your needs but I’d go for the $500 one for the extra $25 & driving time. On the other hand, the Sawyer paddles look nice.

Do be aware of the weight at 72 lbs.

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Agree with the above advice. Make a trip out of it and go get that pristine one. But, those Sawyer paddles… LOL.

Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it!

Check this one out…

Wow that must have just popped up, thanks for the tip!!

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You can try to get them down on price, but I just sold an OT Discover 119 and a Perception Pescador 12 kayak. I had folks 7-8 deep in line to buy them if the first buyers didn’t close the deal. Both paid full asking price. Due to COVID, you can’t find good boats, canoes, or kayaks as folks are staying put and adventuring closer to home instead of taking big vacations. At least that was the case before school started up again. Good luck!

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Compared to no canoe, almost any canoe is really good. Take the plunge with a used boat and become a canoeist. You can always trade it for something you like better later.