First time fishin from kayak

Me and my wife had a blast. Caught 2 large mouth bass, 3 carp, and 4 channel cat. I now need to mount some rod holders, and set up a small tackle box. Next stop- Bass Pro, Dicks Sporting goods.

You won’t find much at Dick’s
Look online at places like kayakfishingstuff instead. That’s not the only one by far. Just do a google search. I think you might get better prices online even w/ shipping too. As long as you have the patience.

I went today too, with my 20 yr-old nephew. First time together, but I go about 1-2 times per week when the water’s warm enough. Caught a few each. Have fun, be safe and good luck!

The best rod holders are Scotty and
Ram. Bass Pro carries Scotty in the catalog, but they don’t have much choice in the stores. Ram is more expensive than Scotty. All other rod holders are, for kayak fishing purposes also rans. I prefer the Scotty system that has a flush mount for the rod h older, leaves a clean deck for transporting the kayak.

I didn’t give a thought to flush mounting and how it could affect transporting. Thank you very much for the advise.

flush mount
is the way to go, less things sticking up off the kayak to get your line, anchor line or anything else tangled up in…

If you mean the flush mounts that are
basically big holes with pipe, those are junk. really bad if you fish saltwater from an SOT, your reels stay wet from spray.

I installed
The flush mount Scotty. They work great. The fishing this last couple weeks has been better than I’ve had in a long time. Me and my wife are having a blast. I should have picked up some kayaks years ago. We can now reach those places we have always said would be good fishing if we could just get to them. This weekend me and my wife have caught Large and Small Mouth Bass, Channel Cat, and Carp. The best was a 20" Channel Cat that pulled my kayak out of a weed bed then surfaced next to my wifes kayak and splashed the heck out of her LOL. She can’t wait to return the favor LOL. Thanks for the help. The rod holders have been a welcome addition.