First time fishing

I have a 16’ canoe and I am going to go fishing with my buddy for the first time this weekend! I need lots of advice from the experts here.

I used to ride kayaks but it will be my first time paddling canoes this weekend.

I think the lake I am going to has some small mouth bass, lake trout and etc. (Massabesic lake in Manchester, NH)

Ok, here’s the question. What do I need to buy? Since it’s my first time fishing, I have no idea what fishing gears to get. Can you guys list the items that I will need? I don’t want to spend lots of money because I am only going to go fishing maybe once a month?

First off
what fishing gear do you have now?

No fishing gear

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I do not have any =P I just need everything from scratch.

Where fish will be…at what time of day

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Usually lakers/any trout will seek the colder, usually deeper, water and bass can take just about anything. You'll have more action with bass tackle/lures...but one can have a great time paddling....with a little time devoted towards the fishing part, so don't think you have to do the "expert"-thing to have fun on the water.
Might want to concentrate on getting your paddling cockpit/seating comfy...with a well matched paddle for at least you'll enjoy the paddling.
First things first = If you can swim, get yourself a PFD. If you can't...don't go.

a decent Medium action 1 piece 6-7’ spinning rod/reel with 8lb test mono.Cabelas,BPS,etc offer complete outfits in all price ranges.For lures some 4&6" plastic worms,spinnerbaits and a topwater popper.Bass like black,chartreuse colored lures most often.Trout like small spinners like those from Blue Fox in gold and silver.Good luck!

That’s good advice
Do that.

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