First time in years no paddle on New Year’s Day

Winds were blowing 40 with gusts to 55 on Jan 1, 69 on Jan 2. Hunkered down today as the winds are kicking up blizzard conditions on the road home. Dec 31 was awesome to get out for a paddle. Valdez, Alaska. Also took along a bike. It’s a bit chilly

Happy New Year


You too TChuck! What is the animal in the water? Sea lion, otter?

Sea otters. Saw a few harbor seals as well. Couldn’t get stills

I was dismayed that I WAS able to take a New Year’s paddle this year. Lakes should be frozen and I should be skiing. Dec 31 was 44F air and 42F water. Calm and balmy. Jan 2 was drizzling with a cold north wind, so markedly less pleasant for paddling but still no snow or freeze up in sight. I’m sure Chuck will scoff at my idea of poor paddling conditions - I don’t bother owning winter paddling gear because there shouldn’t be liquid water here in NY in Jan.

At any rate, Happy New Year to all, and cheers to getting outside any way you can!

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