First time kayak is this a good choice?

12 foot, he said 150 is good?

What is it?
Hard to tell from the pics. What kind of use?

what will I use it for.
I don’t know what kind of kayak it is. I will be using it in small lakes, ponds, slow rivers, maybe the barnaget bay. I will eventually like to go into the ocean, but I don’t forsee that being for a while. Oh I do like to fish too, so I may use it to fish from.

Not the ocean, ever, in that boat.
You probably could get by with warm water paddling, flat, calm, close to shore. IMHO, anything more than that would require a more seaworthy craft.

Old school slalom boat?

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Looks like it was supposed to go fast doing something down a river.
Badly designed rec boat?
I'm not sure what it is.

It would work for paddling around. But might be sort of a pain to learn in. Best idea is to rent a couple of kayaks and see what you like before you buy. Would not pay much for that boat. If it's free the price is right and go have fun. Learn how to wet exit. Wear a pfd. Don't paddle on cold water and stay close to shore until you learn the ropes.

From what I could see, that’s a poor
choice for fishing, not stable enough. If interested in a fishing kayak, check out the kayak fishing websites or at least the fishing board on Most of the kayak fishing websites are oriented to sit on tops, which may actually be a good choice for you…not sure about using one when the water is cold, but its done. One site that is from your area is Check with the different boards there and ask questions if its a good fishing kayak you are after.

Aside from its not being clear what this boat was intended for, it has none of the desired safety features for places like Barnagat Bay. No perimeter lines, no sealed bulkheads, you capsize out there alone in this you are scr**d.

If you are looking for a boat, suggest that you look around at the 14’ range of boat with the above features. You can get these boats used for more than $150 but still a quite decent price, and they are boats you can learn things in.

How big are you, height and weight? That’ll help with ideas for which boat.