first time kayak suggestions

I am looking at buying a kayak for the first time. Usage is mostly for small streams and fishing. What is the minumim depth of water i can expect to float in a kayak? I am looking at a PERCEPTION SPORT BLAST ANGLER. 9’6" length. 279.00 at dunhams. any feedback on this kayak or suggestions greatly apreciated.

The length is good for small streams.
Is it rated to hold your weight? If so, it will probably draw 3-4".

If you are looking for economy…
go for it.

It is probably the same as our 9 foot long Perception Keowees which we have had and have used for the past 15 years.(Believe it or not, that is what we paid for them 15 years ago)

Just make sure it has flotation in it.

For that price you can’t go wrong, but just keep in mind that a short fat boat is slow and sluggish.

As Jim above says, they are good for three or four inches of water.

Jack L