First time out in my new Manta Ray

What a blast! I’ve been anticipating getting my MR12 Angler for months. Due to the economy & other reasons I just now got it after months in layaway. Little late in the season, but I took it out yesterday for it’s maiden voyage on a large lake - 55 degrees with calm winds - and even caught my first bass from a kayak. Today I took it in our local river, paddled a little over a mile upstream and floated back. Working on good paddling technique without using so much of my arms. The river flows about 8 mph, is loaded with stumps & submerged logs and many shallow spots. But it was quiet, fun and I jumped an 8-point buck after watching him in the grass for at least a minute before he saw me. Now I can’t wait for warmer weather/water to really give it a trip. Snow is coming for Thanksgiving Day here in west -central Michigan. Almost time for snowshoes to take the place of the paddle.

Enjoy it. Gear up for the cold water and live to enjoy it any number of seasons.

  • Big D

waiting is for the birds
Me and a buddy of mine both bought our first Kayaks last spring. All summer long we had a blast fishing the local lakes around High Point NC. If I had known how much fun kayak fishing was I would have bought it along time ago. The firs time we put our boats in the lake we paddled from one end to the other. At first it was kind of hard but each time we went it got easier and before we knew it I hardly noticed a long days paddle. But like yall I cant wait til it gets warmer. We both got some cold whether gear but every time we think about that freezing water we chicken out. We are kind of competitive so I don’t know which one of us will go the earliest but only time will tell. One of my fondest trips was camping at Jordan lake when my buddy woke me up at 1:00 AM to go fish I thought he was crazy but we caught a lot of fish and there wasn’t another boat on the water. No sounds other than crickets, frogs and an occasional hoot owl. Great trip and lots of fish what more could you ask for. My buddies little boy is dying to come fishing with us and I think his dad is going to get him a new yak so I look forward to this spring.

Be careful with the cold water. Until you gain some skills and are able to reliably predict conditions, always, always, always paddle with a friend. If you are paddling when the water temperature is below 45 or 50 degrees, or if the air and water temperature added together is less than 120, you’re at risk of hypothermia. Be prepared, be practiced, plan ahead, and you’ll probably live to fish a lot of seasons.

That said, the kayak fishing community has lost very experienced, well-equipped, and well-loved people who decided to venture out on cold water alone and ran into more than even they could handle.

My personal rule is never paddle alone in cold conditions.

  • Big D

Words to live by
Thanks Big D I agree with you whole hearted on that one. The buddy system is a very good idea. Trouble usually happens quickly and at a time when you least expect it. And even at the worst time possible.