First Time Out- Newbie Alert

First paddle report

Boat- bell wildfire in kevlar

Paddle- grey owl 60 inch tripper and Walmart special.

Paddler- 6ft & 230lbs

Location- Boyd’s mill pond / Reedy River in SC.

Went out for the first time today in my first canoe. Conditions were not in my favor with a relatively strong wind. The boat is definitely better than me lol. Felt real tippy when I first got in and sat. Much more solid when kneeling. Main goal today was trying to establish some solid strokes. Eventually got my J stroke going but will have to practice more. Tried keeping the boat over and that felt good, I believe it’s got a few more inches of secondary that I wasn’t comfortable testing out. Paddling up river was tricky, I found myself getting turned by the current a few times. All in all it was a good day!!

Pointers are appreciated and if anyone is in upstate SC that would be awesome if you’d like to join me for a paddle.


You have many options that are far better than the Reedy. That is a seriously polluted river. I wouldn’t want my skin in contact with it.

Glad you got out on the water with your new canoe.

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