first touring kayak

I am a whitewater kayaker but am looking at a seda swift thats for sale locally. The boat is an early model not sure what year but seems to be in good shape. What is it worth and is this a good choice?

A good choice
Sedas had lots of QC issues. The boat may be great and most of the QC issues were a result of inconsistent glassing and usually an easy fix. A glass boat without a front bulkhead should run around $400-700. With bulkheads, about $500-800. Maybe up to $1000 for a Kevlar. These boats are an older design and that affects the price.

I ended up with a Prijon…

If you are a WW paddler, you’ll probably like the 'cuda.

Twitchy as hell with little primary stability, it

took me a bit to get the hang of it, but it was

well worth it and made me a better WW paddler

because of the need to improve the independence of

my upper and lower body.

The footpegs are far more comfortable than the

“keepers” footpegs are and it has adjustable

thigh braces.

and the Prijon plastic!

It’s built as a flat water racer, and it hauls ass.

If you are anywhere near Dayton, cinci, or

columbus oh, you’re welcome to demo it.

I have one . . .
and my wife who is 5-2 and small goes very fast in it. I like it too, but it is a bit small for me 5-11 200 lb.

I got it on trade and would never get rid of it (actually my wife would not let me). It does weathercock in the wind with no rudder.