First Trip...a Success!

My husband and I took our rec kayaks out yesterday for our first paddle. It was awesome. We were in a lagoon near the Gulf of Mexico in South Alabama, spent about 2 hours paddling and went about 9 miles round trip. Light chop with breeze from the south. Since I am beyond out of shape this was a major trip for me. Now I am HOOKED! LOVED IT! PS> I didn’t even get wet. YIPPEE!

It’s just ABOUT(key word) addicting…

Sounds like fun!! 2 hrs, 9 miles, first trip in rec boats!! Awesome trip!! Hope your next one is just as much fun!!

I’ll bet the next trip will be a two “Yeepee” trip.



Getting wet is a big part of the fun
Tip that bad boy over and haul it in 100 feet. Empty it out and start all over again… AHH!

I was hooked too. It’s just so fun. what kind of boat do you have?

My boat is a Pelican
I didn’t want to put a lot of money into a boat to find out I hated kayaking. I will play with this one for the summer and probably upgrade next season.