First trip with new 'yaks

-- Last Updated: Mar-18-12 11:58 AM EST --

Plainsman had a great idea, sharing photos of his first month with the new canoe. To follow his lead, and for the same reasons, here's some shots of our first trip with our new SOT Hobies (no pedals). I don't know how to insert a link, so it's cut and paste. Sorry.

Cool pics
Thanks for sharing

pics… Looks like you had fun.


We did enjoy it.
Put in at Rotary Park in and paddled as far north as we could, about 2.25 miles, to one of the old mill dams that they are in the process of removing to create a “white water park” in downtown Columbus. Had a sandwich in the shade of the Dillingham St. bridge and paddled/drifted back to Rotary Park. Not to far for our first outing. It was my wife’s first opportunity to help me load too. It went ok .

Nice start now just keep it up.
There’s a world of water waiting on you.

That’s great!
Looks like a fun time and some cool sights to see. Thanks for sharing the photos.