First wet -new to me necky looksha iv carbon fiber

Excited . I picked up a 17’ Necky carbon fiber Looksha IV a month back . Almost new condition always wanted one . Sealine rudder . Putting in The Shrewsbury river in NJ , mix of big river to the bay. Last time i did this trip was 8 years ago in a poly Carolina ( my first fancy boat ) excited to see how she performs . Anyone know what i’m gonna find ?

Miles of creeks to explore in the upper Shrewsbury as well as the Navesink. Be aware of the strong tidal currents when in the portion running to Sandy Hook. They can be faster than you can paddle against with large standing waves especially near the Highland Bridge. Tides can be as high as 5’ on the lower Shrewsbury.

On hot days strong onshore winds can develop in the afternoon.

Most of the shoreline is heavily developed but there are places where you can get out, especially at Sandy Hook State Park and possibly some of the islands near the ocean portion of the Shrewsbury River. Definitely several days of paddling there…

Check local charts as there may be some restricted areas. It’s been many years since I paddled this area.

I’ve owned a Looksha 17 lv in glass for several years now. I can tell you one thing: You are going to love it! I’ve taken mine off the Nh and Me coasts. I don’t think there is anything this boat can’t handle.

I love the boat . At 17’ ,it turns likea 12 or a 14 . very responsive , fast and it edges so sweet . Its my new goto

we kept is simple , started flat and got into a little chop . We couldsmell the sale but didnt get to far into it .