First wreck

Yeah, I went down the Willamette river today in a 17’ for the second day in a row, I did more today, maybe 8-10 miles? It was fun. The last rapids before my pullout got me though.

I didn’t go far right enough and I don’t even know how it happened. One minute I was just upside down. There were these waves that were like, breaking back towards me, maybe from my sitting position, head high. I went to plow through them and made the forst two, but the last one, somehow capsized me, and but quick too, I was ready to brace but I guess need to do it faster.

I wet exited quick and then swam right to my kayak and help on for about 150 yards through a fast, shallow section and then turn it over, pumped water out and got back in. I didn’t know class 2 rapids were that bad. Fun though, good learning experience. I just woulnd’t want to hit my head.

Sounds Like a Good Lesson
Never let go of your boat on a wet exit. Or your paddle. Practice this until it is rote.

put a helmet
on your shopping list.

17’ kayak?

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I wouldn't consider hanging on to that in a capsize. Odds are you're going the same place anyways, so one hand for the paddle, one for yourself. Try to keep the kayak downstream of you(usual capsize will launch you upstream anyways so not much of an issue) so it doesn't cream you into a rock, then recover when able. I've flipped in open canoes probably 50 times or more(it's habit forming, eh Eckilson ;-)); it's almost always floating along in arms reach until recovery.