first WW kayak remix 79- a good choice?

looking at getting one- anybody paddle one? im 6ft 4 and 250 lbs size 13 foot. been paddling a canoe since 82- a CD breeze in 99- pungo 140 i fish out of- self rescue ok, want to learn a good roll n get into some new waters. more toys!

If you get a chance, sit in one before you buy. Better yet, put it in some water. Depending on the model year, the Remix may be the most comfortable kayak you’ve paddled. Get some lessons. The boat should fit your frame.

Old, might be useful.

If it fits and rides high enough, really nice boat. If you need more volume, try the large Jackson Villain, which seems to be the yak of choice for the big guys in our group. They classify it as a creeker, but it has river runner length and speed.

I went to the NOC and did a demo of the Remix, Mamba, Villian, Karnali and a few others. The Mamba was my favorite of the four I listed. The Villian was recomended by a friend but it felt like a big log. The Remix was OK but it just lacked something that I couldn’t put my finger on. The Mamba felt good and was my pick from the NOC bunch.

I then rode up to Endless River Adventures and sat in the Wavesport Diesel. It felt good sitting in it. They took me up to the top of the river and I paddled back down to their place. There was no comparison. I ended up buying it. It is fast, stable and really feels snappy when carving into eddys. What I liked most is the flat hull in the center section. It gives you a feeling of having a second chance by offering some secondary stability. It seems to catch you when you get a little off balance. I didn’t feel that in the boats like the Villian.

I am 5’10" and 185lbs and the 80 feels right for me. I am new to bigger water also. They have improved the Mamba a little this year by increasing the rear deck volume so I may have looked at it one more time if I was buying this year. Most of all, paddle them all. You will know when you find the right boat.

Oh, Ace Funyaks is a good source for demos also if you are near the Ocoee.

make sure you get in it first
With your size, and especially your foot size, a comfortable fit is going to be as important or more important than fine points of how the boat handles.

I am sure the Liquid Logic Remix would be a fine choice if you are comfortable in it. The Wave Sport Diesel, Jackson Fun series, and Dagger Mambas have been some of the most popular river runner kayaks for some years. If you are looking to buy new I would also check out the Jackson Super Fun, Dagger Mamba 8.6, Wave Sport Diesel 80 as well as the Remix 79, and paddle as many as you can. The Jackson Fun is a little more play boat oriented than the others.

I have a 69 and it is the most comfortable ww boat I have ever paddled.

At 250# I would suggest getting the REmix in the water. It may feel comfy in the shop but there is more volume in the bow. Get a feel for the ‘old school’ blend of lower stern volume and softness in the water. I would not recommend the Diesel 80 for your size. Not too ssure about the Mamba, my wife loves her but she’s less than half your weight and in the smallest Mamba.

Large Villain may be a choice- but I’d float test it first. Good luck!

Remix 79
I paddled a Remix 79 and went through two hulls. I am at about that weight, with size 11.5 - 12. Depending on whether you wear booties or shoes you may well fit in depending on your inseam length. Bruce Lessells(one of the owners of Zoar Outdoor) is about your height and paddles one.

If your feet are cramped you can doe some trimming of the foam wall to give your heels more space.

I learned in the Remix and enjoyed it. With it’s longer length it can take some adjustment in your technique when learning to ferry. I had to learn to stay conservative in my angle, shorter boats are much easier to recover if you end up pointed more downstream than upstream.

Pyranha Everest, Karnali, Jackson VIllain & Megarocker are all other options. The Mega rocker was discontinued after the villain was introduced, but you may still be able to find new ones. I think that they have more volume than just about any other creeker - but they are a displacement hull.

If you think that you will want to spend more time surfing check out the Superhero, or especially Superfun or Monstar.

There are advantages & disadvantages in learning in a playboat vs riverrunner. In my opinion a playboat can be a little harder, but you can progress faster(or get more roll practice).