first ww kayak

Hello all my name is mark, just jointed anyway im looking at buying my first ww boat, specifically a perception ultra clean. Pretty much all I can find about this boat is ocean and surfing reviews. Jusy wondering if this would be an ok boat for class 3 river running. Im not New to paddling but havent done much ww stuff. Looking to get my first boat and hookup with some members of a local club.

Thanks for any guidance, im 6’3 so this boat should fit me well.

Ultra Clean
The design of the Ultra Clean is “slicey”.

The front and back are designed to easily catch edges and dive under the surface for doing various tricks.

Probably sub-optimal as a first ww boat.

you might post at
boatertalk or mountainbuzz – more ww-oriented than here.

(As a beginner in ww, you might want a basic river runner like a Liquid Logic Remix, plenty of boats in that category.)

freestyle/play boat

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Are you looking for a freestyle/play boat? Because that is what the Ultra Clean is.

Most people getting into white water do better with a downriver or river runner boat. A bit longer than other boats, which lets them track well (for a white water boat). And usually pretty stable.

I originally wanted a remix but im just looking at whats availble in my area. I know they come up quiet a bit on craigslist so ill just wait it out and get a better boat for my needs.

Thanks for the fast replies.

if your young and aggressive I say go
for it. You’ll be watching youtube videos and doing tricks in no time. You’ll have a more aggressive learning curve in that boat then let’s say a mamba, remix, or many other river runners. That ain’t necessarily a bad thing just be prepared to develop a good roll or swim a bit.

not a yakker, but
paddle with 87 kayaking friends, so I’ve seen a lot of yaks. Looks slicy, but doable as a runner.I’ve found paddling squirt/C1’s and OC’s is you can sorta’ get used to anything. One question for me is footsize and leg comfort.Looks a bit tight up front.