Fish boxing

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I created a new sport this weekend.

While fishing the Shenandoah, I was getting larger panfish and smallish smallmouth bass. The bluegills had a tap-tap-tap-take hit. The smallmouth had a steady pull take. The small smallmouth were larger and scrappier than the large panfish. So I tended to set the hook harder on the smallmouth.

This one time I had a steady pull take and set the hook for a smallmouth. Well, it was a panfish. A small panfish. That poor fish came flying out of the water straight at my face. With my paddle across my lap and few options for dodging while firmly seated in my SinK, I put up a fist defensively to protect my face. Why a fist? I have no idea. But it's what I did and that poor fish flew right into it, but it got off the hook and plopped back into the water.

I can only imagine the confusion in the mind of that fish. "Why the hell did that dude just yank me out of the water just to punch me?"

So, fish boxing. Start with panfish, I guess, and work up to bull sharks maybe.

- Big D

that brought tears to my eyes …

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...... funny stuff there D !! I'm still chuckling about it , lol .

We ran plastic worms exclusively for two days straight on a 50 ac. lake recenty (lg.mouth bassin) ... the Bluegills constantly interfeared , but the bassin was pretty good ... the Gills would grab the worm by the tail and run off with it only to reach the end of their rope ... when that happened the worm would stretch and the weedless hook slip out only to get slingshoted into the nearest under water log or branch (we were fishin the wood along the shore line) , and we had to constantly go and unstick it , needless to say that put an end to that individual spot for awhile and on we'd move only to repeat many times over the 2 days ... little buggers , I might have enjoyed a good Bluegill punch once or twice during those 2 days .

That reminds me , I use to make it a point towards the end of the day when canoe/camping on the Shen. to locate some Bluegills (10 or so keepers) to keep for dinner . Also their hides make the best evening shore line presentation for the large Channal Cats that haunt the Shen. ... just plain awsome battles after dinner when the night sets in to spend the last hour or so before turn in . Toss a few hides right off shore in about 3"-4" of water , wait a short while and the river sharks find the scent and will follow the chum/scent trail right to you ... cast out into the river into deep water downstream aways and every Cat coming in will find your presentation of Bluegill hide ... hold on tight to that rod while waiting , or loose it !! I've seen 3 of them at a time lockjawed and rolling on the same hide in shallow water right in front of me trying to rip it apart from each other ... like 8-10 pounders , water splashing everywhere !!

Who won that bout?
Does that count as a TKO for Big D or does it go the fish on points for getting away?

That’s a right good question.
It had not occurred to me and now that you’ve asked it I haven’t got a decent answer.

Let’s call it a draw.

  • Big D