Fish Creek Pond: Food Mrkt & Fish Lic?

Hello–I will be making my first trip EVER to adks with my 6yr twin boys. We’re all very excited to be going. Can anybody tell me if there’s a food market near by? Not sure if I have to pack milk and bread?

Also, we’re going to be doing some fishing. Where/how do I buy a fishing license?

One more thing, are there any restaurants in the area? I want to know if I have to cook dinner every night. Thank you!!!

A few
There’s a general store right outside the Fish Creek Campground that has all the supplies you’ll need. Very few restaurants nearby, though. You may have to drive into Saranac Lake or Tupper Lake for a good dinner out.


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When we camped at Fish Creek campground, we shopped in Tupper Lake (closest) and Saranac Lake, which is a bit farther. Both have good restaurants and availability of camping supplies, as does Lake Placid. You might check out Rollins Pond campground if you're tent camping - it's quieter and prettier than Fish Creek which is where the RV and trailer campers go. Paddling the loop there was a great day paddle - it includes Fish Creek, Rollins, Floodwood, Little Square and Copperas ponds, as I recall. We rented a canoe from an outfitter right at the entrance to the campground.

Found a few links, not sure if they help.

Link to campground up there, seems to have lots of info even a forum under community menu.

There are three supermarkets in Saranac Lake which is about a 20 minute ride.

Tupper has a few restaurants and
a Mickey D’s. Less traffic to contend with than Saranac.

There are two sections of Tupper. The first you come to from the east has the market.

Go farther west on Rt 3 past the fairgrounds and you come to the second.

food & license
Shaheen’s market on the way into Tupper Lake from Fish Creek is the best local market. The store across from Fish Creek is good, and very fair pricing considering the drive time saved.

For a fishing license the farthest drive would be to the town hall in Tupper Lake. The Marina just outside the Campground entry might sell licenses, and will surely know the closest place.

For fishing, take your boys up Fish Creek from the boat launch at the campground. less pressure and traffic than on the campground ponds. Good smallmouth and panfish activity as you paddle upstream thru the ponds between Fish Creek campgounds and Floodwood pond.