Fish finder on Emotion Temptation

Anyone install a fishfinder on an Emotion SOT kayak, Temptation model or any Emotion brand SOT and would like to post any pics or anything info would be greatly appreciated.

I’m starting to look into different setups and watched many videos but would really like to find some installed on some Emotion SOT kayaks.

Looking at many different setups but the Hummingbird 385CI is the model I’m looking at as it is setup for kayak installations but I might even go with the cheap setup like a small hand held unit.



Look Through This Link

Some of the boats have a similar configuration as the longer Emotion SOTs. It’s really a matter of preference and reach, where you want to locate your fishfinder (vs rod holder).


I would argue…
that you don’t need anything designed for yak install. As for finding info specifically to the Emotion, your likely to run a little thin there as they haven’t captured a huge share of the. fishing SOT market (yet). Still, There is enough info out there to help you install any unit in any SOT very cleanly. Just pick your transducer install method ( I like goop vs Vaseline) and get started.

FWIW, I have a Humminbird 700 series with GPS on my tin boat and another 300 series on SOT. ( Soon to be upgraded to a GPS unit. Humminbird makes a great unit and the 385c1 looks SWEET. I particularly like there quick disconnect mount is a great asset in an finder.

Fishfinder install SOT
I’m not sure how an emotions kayak is configured but I can tell that as long as you have good access to the inside of your kayak especially where the transducer and the outside unit will be attached it should be the same. I bought an Eagle Cuda 300 which was small so as to save deck space. I took a large diameter foam swiming noodle and cut a short length off it approx- 2.5 to 3" long. Then laying it down I went to the inside diameter which was only about 1.5" and cut out a shape the same as the transducer. You can test fit the transducer in it. Then with some marine adhesive I glued the foam section to the inside bottom of the hull. Once the adhessive dries fill the inside cavity about half way with marine sillicon. Right after filling with sillicon push the transducer down into the cavity until it lays on the bottom, this will push the exccess sillicon up over the top of the transducer then fill the rest of the way flush with the foam with the sillicon. Let that cure as per the directions on the sillicon. Now decide where you want the fishfinder. I put mine close to the seat like in the crotch, you will have it close enough to see it and it will be out of the way but it is up to you so put it where you want it and where it is most comfortable for you. Find the base plate that it mounts to. Now that you have decided where to put it drill a hole just big enough for the plug to pass through the top surface of the boat. After the sillicon has dried and cured find the plug and push it through the top surface of the boat. Then place the base plate centered over the drilled hole and with a pencil or nail trace on the boat the bolt holes in the base plate then remove the plate and where the marks for the holes are drill the holes. I put sillicon under the baseto seal it and pulled the plug wire through the slot provided in the base then bolt the base down to the boat. I ran the power lines to the bow so the battery could be placed there. I use a 12 volt battery from a cordless drill that I can use all day and almost all night then put it on the charger. The outside unit can be unplugged and taken in the house for security. Mine worked the first time and every time since(about two years now). Good luck!