fish finder on kayak

i like information or comments in ref. to fishing with fish finder on kayak . can one be hooked up. thanks

Portable Fish Fiinder
I have as Eagle Cuda 128 on my baot. It is a self contianed device htat can be moved and used just about anywhere. THe whole device is in a case that runs of of i think 4 C batteries. It will tell you how deep the water is where the fish are and what the bottom composition is . THis device will either suction to the outside of the kayak or it will even pick up a signal through the inside of the boat. It can just be seyt on the inside so that you can paddle easier. Its an inexpesive finder so its not the best and im sure if you wanted to you could get a nicer for a little extra cash. But it does the job for the price. Good Luck and Good Fishing.

Work well
I have 2 kayaks currently equipped with fish finders and a previous one I sold. Transducers were/are mounted internally and shoot through the hull. rechargeable batteries.


Never needed one…
I’m pretty sure the fish will be in the water under the boat…duh…?!

(LOL oh I kill myself sometimes…oughta be a comedian…yep, make my livin’ an everthang…LMAO)

Less is more
I’ve been researching which FF I need for my XFactor, and I came to the conclusion that the smaller models are what I need, the larger models are just TOO large on deck, and the bigger/color screens use more power, meaning a larger power supply.

This is good news, there are some decent smaller models in the $75-125 range.

Think small, just don’t get the casting, or wristwatch-style fishfinders, those things are just toys, not tools.

Or, if you have the money, you can get
the color unit that is the same size as the Eagle 128/168. It comes in Eagle or Lowarance, same finder. Color is nice, better in bright sun light. Can’t afford one though.

Just avoid wrist units
Like the hummingbird smartcast wristmounts. They are seductive to the kayak fisherman, but crap out after about two trips. I haven’t heard of one person who has one who hasn’t had this complaint.

fish finder is also river reader.
thanks for the posts ,i’m original poster. i also like fish finder to check dept of water ,see underwater layout of land, obstacles and whatever else is under water. i kayak and fish in cedar water so it would be nice to know what there. i was fishing behind a dam in kayak and at low tide i could see posts from a previous dam. having a fish finder would be helpfull in reading the river. there more than just paddling a kayak. it nice to read a river and how relates to the rest of environment, man made or nature.

are great.Not so much for showing the fish but rather for finding the structure they like hanging around.Good luck!

I have a Pungo 140 and I want to add a fish finder. I am curious how you mounted your transducer. I understand that you can mount them inside the boat as they “shoot through” the hull. Is it ok to mount it on a slight angle(flat to the floor of the kayak)? It seems like the transducer should be parallel to the surface of the water, but mounting it flat against the floor of the boat puts it on a slight angle. Does that matter? thanks for any help from anyone.

Fish finder on Kayak
I’ve been using a fish finder on my Pungo for about 6 years. I find that mounting it on the outside of the hull using the suction cup commonly supplied is very usable and little trouble. You can easily adjust the transponder to be level by loosening the transponder wingnut and adjusting the angle. Takes just a couple of minutes.

I use a new Eagle in the $125 range. It’s ok but seems to give a lot of false fish readings. Maybe its a matter of better adjusting the settings. Still, I do like knowing the depth and being able to see channels, structure, etc. When I buy a new one I intend to pay more and hope it gives me more detailed readings.

If you are using the setting that says
show fish, Eagle’s instructions tell you that it will give false readings. Properly set up, that feature turned off, fish will show up as an arch. Here’s Lowrance’s tutorial on using a fish finder: