Fish Finder on Wenonah Heron Canoe

-- Last Updated: Apr-22-16 9:18 AM EST --

I've purchased a Lowrance depth/fish finder for my Wenonah Heron and looking for advise on how to mount the transducer. I've seen youtube vids for mounting on kayaks. They mount on the inside and apparently it sends the echo out through the bottom of kayak. Can the same be done with canoe? The canoe has an interwoven fabric made of 50% polyester and 50% fiberglass. Just wondering if I'll get any signal loss and if anyone has recommended mounting options.

Don’t know why it wouldn’t work.
It’s being done in fiberglass sailboats with no reported problems. Those hulls are much thicker. Been a while since I read much about it, but IIRC, they just glue the transducer to the hull. I don’t remember if the glue is necessary, or just a convenience.

what’s the current draw/hr ?
or what battery is with your rig ?

photo when done ?

temporary solution worked but working
towards a long term design. I’ve found that a lot of kayakers were using ‘duct seal’ from Home Depot. The sticky material that used to seal A/C condensor lines incoming to homes. I built a dounut shaped damn in the canoe and placed transducer within along with 1/2" water. Worked great but not a long term solution. Looking to mount transducer on removal 12" arm outside of canoe.

BTW - thanks for the great links to transducer info.