fish finder question

I’m thinking about getting a fish finder but know so little about them. Can anyone make any recommendations? Color or no?

I’m outfitting my Pungo 120 to try fishing.

Get a Garmin
If all you need is the ability to read the bottom and structure you’ll be hard pressed to beat the Garmin Echo series. The 101 or 151 will do all you generally need to do.

There is no need to spend more than $ 100 - 150.00 on a freshwater depth finder. You can spend more if you wish, but the return does not outweigh the cost.

I used to have Hummingbird finders in my hard boats. A couple of years ago I switched to Garmin and have no regrets.


Tim Murphy AKA Goobs

My first one was an Eagle brand Cuda 300 for my first boat. $79.00 and small so it takes up less space which is a premium on a kayak. Did everything it was supposed to do and always worked. If you have a big fancy finder you will spend a lot of money and get not much more usable info. Besides more buttons just means you will spend more time fiddling with the finder and not fishing. The next two boats the selection for me did not change, I went for the same brand and basic model.

I’ve had my eyes on the Dragonfly. Seems to be legit and is available in 3 sizes.

Humminbird Fishin Buddy
Check out the line of Humminbird Fishin Buddy portable fish finders. Ideal for mounting on canoes and kayaks.

Fish finder
I bought an X-3 Lowrance (color) and love it, for a couple reasons. I didn’t know it at the time but you can mount a skimmer type transducer as a shoot through. I bought a puck transducer because they mount more efficiently for an older “Cuda” so when I upgraded I bought one that could interchange, so @ $ 99 i basically got two for one. Try a company called “Navionics” they may sell with an option on the transducer. I would definitely go shoot through regardless of the type, make ,or model. Mine’s been in place for three years without a minutes trouble. I tried anexternal mount which is why I eventually had to buy a new transducer. Hope this helps


fish finder
I put a puck type Xducer in my Wilderness and will never go back to the regular ones. built a silicone well to dam up the epoxy, every thing is fed and mounted internally. No wires to tangle in, no exposed Xducer to hang up in shallows or during launch or take out. Couldn’t be happier with the performance either! The only negative is they say you may lose a little sensitivity but I can’t tell, I LOVE IT!

NOTE: I took a plastic cutting board and built stops front and rear in the yaks guts to tame the wire and keep tackle etc… from rolling around or getting lost in that inaccessible section between the hatches. Also chase nippled a Tupperware container to the cutting board to hold a battery, perfect!