Fish finder

Found a neat way to use my fishfinder.

Was tired of hanging a suction cup and transducer over the side of our canoes. Water noise, drag and getting hung on stuff

I glued a CD disc (AOL works fine) on the bow flotation bulkhead. This allowed my portable transducer’s suction cup to hold tite.

Then I made a little water dam from pipe insulation and silicone sealent to keep the transducer covered in its pool of water.

I get a nice clear underwater picture shooting through the hull, Kevlar.

You realy don’t need the suction cup, just need to keep the transducer covered in its pool of water and pointed down.

This works great and allows me to swap the transducer between boats.

Help me picture that setup – is
the transponder inside the hull? And is it absolutely necessary to have it in water?

I’m pretty ignorant about depth finders, but I see that if I want to fish new areas of the Sacramento delta, I’m going to need one. I have a feathercraft foldable and am wondering about how to attach the transponder . . . will it be able to read the bottom through the urethane hull???

fish finder
I glued some foam insulation inside the bow of my kevlar canoe. Your trying to keep transducer bottom underwater and stable. Just make a little dam like dyke to hold water and your transducer.

You could use anything that holds water without causing any airpockets between the transducer and hull.

I have read that even a glob of grease will work between the transducer bottom and the hull. Somebody even put the transducer in a bag of mineral oil, tied off the end and set the bag/transducer on the hull.