Fish finders (depth finders)

Anyone ever mounted a fishfinder transponder inside the yak (Through the bottom no holes)

Learned all about it from

Go to “Forums” then “Do It Yourself”.

Nuthin to it.

thru the hull
Mounted my fishfinder on T-120 thru the hull. Very easy and works great. also check for more how to info.

Through the hull is good, but if you
have a Loon, I’ve heard that it won’t work. Also do a search on

If you have a plastic boat you need to use polyurethane adhesive/caulk. It will stick to the polyethylene but downside is it takes a week to dry. The xducer was still solid after 3 years when I sold the boat. Be very careful with the application and twist the xducer back and forth as you set it to make sure there are no air bubbles. I used duct tape along with a wedge to the upper deck to hold it down while it dried.

thru the hull
I used a block of hard foam, with adhesive backing, from for a couple bucks.

Stuck this to hull, and put about 1/4 inch of vaseline in the cutout in the foam, press tranducer into vaseline. Used it all summer, about 20 fishing trips, had no problems.

I visted the sites and I think I have a good handle on it now…

Just remember, avoid air bubbles in the
silicone, marine goop, or whatever you use to attach the transducer.